Jennifer Hill-Kelley

Jennifer Hill-Kelley is the Area Manager for the Oneida Nation Education and Training Area and is a Data Coach for Achieving the Dream. Jennifer consults in Project Success.

Her current responsibilities provide leadership for the Nation’s Early Intervention, Child Care, Youth Enrichment Services, Higher Education, Job Training, Community Education Center and Arts programs toward the goal of providing educational opportunities for the Oneida people to reach their desired life outcomes.

Previously, Jennifer was a Project Manager for Student Success at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. She facilitated collaborative cross divisional teams of faculty and staff in development of an electronic academic planning tool, improving developmental education, increasing alumni engagement, supporting the student success course and new diversity/inclusion training for faculty and staff with emphasis on expanding the use of data and evaluation for student success interventions. As a proponent of Covey’s Four Disciplines of Execution, she assisted the student success team through the successful implementation of that method. Also, she was a facilitator for new NWTC’s Living Inclusively course. For her work with the student success course team, she was named an On Course Ambassador of the Year in 2016.

Her prior experience includes working with tribal governments, leading teams in pursuit of improving organizational alignment, institutional efficiencies and delivering outcomes through restructuring, strategic planning, data collection, and program evaluation. As an advocate for performance measurement, she designed and implemented program evaluation for service areas of the Oneida Nation. She has over twenty years’ experience as a grant writer and program administrator of education, social service and environmental programs and multi-year grant projects. She has been previously a certified facilitator of both the Franklin-Covey Leadership and Leading at the Speed of Trust courses.

Jennifer also lends her expertise and serves on tribal, local, state and national non-profit and advisory organizations as an active member and also in leadership roles. She holds a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from University of Wisconsin Green Bay and a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Oklahoma.

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