Dr. Laurie Fladd

Dr. Laurie Fladd is a Holistic Student Supports Coach at Achieving the Dream, Inc. In this role, Laurie assists colleges in improving the student experience through the intentional development of scalable comprehensive support services.

Laurie has had a passion for community colleges since beginning her career 25 years ago. Laurie has worked in both the New York SUNY system and at Trident Technical College in Charleston, South Carolina. 

While in higher education Laurie has served primarily in Science and Mathematics as an adjunct instructor, full time instructor, Department Head, and Associate Dean. She was recognized as the Manager/Educator of the Year for the South Carolina Technical Education Association in 2016. Other roles include the co-chair of the General Education Committee, a member of the SACSCOC evaluator team, and Chair of the Advising Task Force for TTC’s Pathways work. Most recently, she has served Trident Technical College as the Director of Academic Advising and the project director of the iPASS grant. As project director Laurie and her team worked across academic affairs and student services to transform the student onboarding and advising experience. This transformation involved change leadership at all levels and extensive structural changes involving new software, new positions, and a new Student Hub. The grant also served as the impetus for process changes included new training protocols, implementation of year-round registration, introduction of a new First Year Experience course, and new onboarding processes that transitioned students from a central Navigator to a more specified academic/faculty advisor. 

Dr. Fladd has a BS in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Rochester, a MS in Molecular Biology from Clarkson University, and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Clemson University. Her dissertation examined distance learning in a community college setting and how student satisfaction varies with interaction.

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