Alina Randall

Alina Randall is ATD's Assistant Director of Tribal Colleges and Universities. In her role, she works on project management and community of practice activities related to Project Success and the Serving Native American Students with Holistic Student Supports Project. Previously, she was the Program Coordinator for ATD’s Gateway to College initiative where she served as a frequent point of contact with Gateway to College programs, ensuring that they are informed of important network news and have access to the wide range of resources critical to their success. Alina collaborated with the Gateway to College team on special projects, including looking at reengagement opportunities in rural communities.

Prior to Gateway to College and ATD, Alina received an M.A .in Sociology from Humboldt State University. She is a Pomo Native and enrolled member of Round Valley Indian Tribes, which shaped her focus to examine the U.S. Criminal Justice System and its effects on Indigenous Nations. Alina has evaluated juvenile probation programs and was a member of the Youth Disparities Reduction Collaborative in Humboldt County.

Alina earned a B.A. in Sociology from San Francisco State. While in San Francisco, she worked for a few nonprofits collaborating with low-income communities around education equity, which propelled her passion to partner with communities and address the inequities of marginalized youth.

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