Dr. Jan W. Lyddon

Dr. Jan Lyddon has extensive experience in public policy work, institutional research, strategic planning and student success initiatives at two- and four-year institutions.  For nearly 15 years she served as a policy analyst and leader in state level higher education budget and research, and she has headed IR/IE and planning offices at community colleges or universities in four states. 

As a Data Coach, Jan has served colleges ranging from very small to very large, urban and rural locations.  She is proud that several of the colleges are Leader Colleges and two of them (El Paso Community College and Zane State College) have been winners of the Leah Meyer Austin Award.  Most importantly, they are “moving the needle” in student success. 

Most recently Jan has begun serving as a Data Coach with universities in South Africa, an ATD affiliate called Siyaphumelela (“we succeed”) funded by the Kresge Foundation.  She believes that there is much to be learned by sharing models across the network within the US and between the US and South Africa. 

Jan earned her B.S. from Iowa State University, an M.A. from Michigan State University, an MPA from Western Michigan University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 

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