New Community College Research Center Report on Achieving the Dream’s Engaging Adjunct Faculty Project

(Silver Spring, MD)—Today the Community College Research Center (CCRC) released its findings from a study on Achieving the Dream’s (ATD) Engaging Adjunct Faculty in the Student Success Movement project. ATD’s two-year project was led by teams of full- and part-time faculty and administrators at six community colleges to gather information about promising and sustainable strategies that could be shared across ATD’s national network to improve student success. 

CCRC classified the strategies into four categories: 

1. Facilitating cohort-based faculty experiences: establishing professional learning structures that bring together small groups of faculty for a semester or an academic year. 
2. Offering orientations and workshops: providing one-time or short-term activities for faculty to learn about specific topics or to become acquainted with the structure and function of the college. 
3. Strengthening online resources: improving and increasing information useful to part-time faculty disseminated through a website platform. 
4. Improving working conditions: placing greater emphasis both on providing recognition and reward for part-time faculty contributions and on enhancing physical resources available to part-time faculty.

CCRC finds that the project has yielded important information about adjunct faculty needs and experiences in community colleges and suggests how colleges can best support part-time faculty, including grounding decisions in local data, embedding adjunct faculty supports into existing institutional infrastructure and initiatives, examining policies and practices that affect adjunct faculty’s working lives, and considering intended outcomes for faculty engagement strategies and creating a plan for measurement. 

Learn more and download the report here

Achieving the Dream (ATD) leads a growing network of more than 277 community colleges committed to helping their students, particularly low-income students and students of color, achieve their goals for academic success, personal growth, and economic opportunity. ATD is making progress in closing equity gaps and accelerating student success through a unique change process that builds each college’s institutional capacities in seven essential areas. ATD, along with nearly 75 experienced coaches and advisors, works closely with Network colleges in 44 states and the District of Columbia to reach more than 4 million community college students. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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