What We Know About Nonacademic Student Supports

This practitioner packet summarizes CCRC and other research on nonacademic student supports, defined as activities and programs that are designed to encourage academic success but that do not deal directly with academic content.

Part one, What We Know About Nonacademic Student Supports, describes the mechanisms by which student supports improve student outcomes, reviews research on popular nonacademic student support programs, and lays out an approach to improving student supports termed SSIP: Sustained, Strategic, Intrusive and Integrated, and Personalized.

Part two, Designing a System for Strategic Advising, reviews relevant research on advising and e-advising and makes recommendations on how the SSIP approach can be applied to advising at community colleges.

Part three, Success Courses for Sustained Impact, reviews quantitative and qualitative research findings on student success courses and makes recommendations on how student success courses might be designed and implemented to have a greater impact on long-term student outcomes.

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