Next Generation Learning: The intelligent use of technology to develop innovative learning models and personalized educational pathways

Public education has been a cornerstone of the United States’ advancement as a civil society, a democracy, and a global leader in innovation and economic growth. But American education is in crisis. Despite billions of dollars spent to improve the U.S. public education system, nearly 30 percent of students do not finish high school. The dropout rate among African Americans, Hispanics, and low-income students is even more staggering—nearly 50 percent.

To address the barriers to educational innovation and tap the potential of technology, the foundation is committing significant resources to Next Generation Learning Challenges (, a nonprofit partnership that aims to dramatically improve college readiness and college completion in the United States through the applied use of technology and digital media.

Next Generation Learning Challenges is guided by the belief that providing investment capital to strengthen emerging information and learning technologies, collecting and sharing evidence of what works, and fostering a community of innovators and adopters will result in a robust marketplace of solutions and a larger pool of institutional participants, which in turn will dramatically improve the quality of learning experiences and college readiness and completion in the United States.

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