White House: Commitments to Action on College Opportunity

In response to President Obama's call to action, the President and First Lady joined with leaders in higher education to announce over 100 new commitments to expand college opportunity. As the Administration continues to push for changes that keep college affordable for all students and families, we can and must do more to get more low-income students prepared for college, enrolled in quality institutions, and graduating if we are to achieve our North Star goal of leading the world in the share of college graduates by 2020. Together, the President, the First Lady and these leaders in higher education are taking another step to help ensure that every child, rich or poor, has the opportunity for a quality college education so they can get ahead. 

Over 100 New Commitments to Expand College Opportunity: The participants in the event were asked not simply to attend an event – but to commit to new action in one of the following areas crucial to college opportunity: 

  • Connecting more low-income students to the college that is right for them and ensuring more graduate
  • Increasing the pool of students preparing for college through early interventions
  • Leveling the playing field in college advising and SAT/ACT test preparation
  • Strengthening remediation to help academically underprepared students progress through and complete college 

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