Cooperative Learning Manual - Cuyahoga Community College English 0980 & English 0990

Cuyahoga Community College believes that a good cooperative experience is one which motivates students and makes them feel a strong connection to both their work and their classmates. More importantly, it move learning from a teacher-led, top down experience to a responsible student-centered experience. Finally, the cooperative learning experience contributes to another equally important goal: socialization. 

These guides discuss the basics of cooperative learning and the benefits the method has to offer students testing below college-ready in English and reading. They also offer a rich selection of exercises on team building, study skills, reading, writing, getting and giving feedback for revisions, strategy cards for supplemental instruction, and suggestions for evaluating cooperative activities. Most of the exercises provided are designed to foster the three ends of cooperative learning: student engagement, language development, and socialization.

English 0980 is Cuyahoga's Language Fundamentals I course while English 0990 is Language Fundamentals II.

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