Technology Solutions for Developmental Math: An Overview of Current and Emerging Practices

Many experts in the world of mathematics and beyond contend that we cannot meet our developmental math student success goals without incorporating technology. The implementation of innovative technology in program design and practice, as reviewed in this report, provides us with an initial look at how technology can be used to expand, strengthen, and create efficiencies in the delivery of developmental math practice. Despite an expanding knowledge base in developmental1 math practice and the rapid expansion of technology in education, critical challenges remain in maximizing the promise inherent in these innovations. These include blending best practices in developmental math with leading technological innovation, developing a more robust and convincing evidence base, expanding development efforts for promising learning technologies, and overcoming the resistance to change that characterizes the organizational culture of many community colleges.

This report looks at the challenges of remediating math skills in community colleges and the potential of technology to address these challenges. It begins with a short review of current instructional strategies in community college developmental math, including the central pedagogical approaches. The paper continues by identifying several categories of emerging curricular innovations and presenting examples of how selected strategies are being implemented in community colleges. The main body of the report focuses on technology and its role in supporting and strengthening the teaching of developmental math, including the current use of technology as well as promising directions for future use. It concludes with a discussion of adoption challenges in moving forward, from both a curricular and institutional perspective. The report is intended as a broad overview of current practices rather than an in-depth study or recommendation of particular instructional methods.

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