Data Notes: March/April 2011

Characteristics of Credential Completers

Certain attributes are predictors of student success, including: regular class attendance; completion of all assigned readings and work; being attentive in class and participating in class discussions; setting definable goals; and scheduling an adequate amount of study time. However, other student characteristics, including demographics such as race and age, and certain academic characteristics, such as the depth and breadth of developmental needs, or field of study, have also been linked to lower student outcomes. Closing achievement gaps associated with demographics and academic characteristics upon enrollment has been one of the most perennial problems in education. This issue of Data Notes examines the demographic and background characteristics of students who completed certificates or degrees, or transferred within three years of initial enrollment. Some background and  academic characteristics may be stronger predictors of student success than others. Through this analysis, an attempt was made to determine which characteristics had the strongest relationships with completion or transfer rates.

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