Data Notes: Sept/Oct 2010

Outcomes of First-Year Persisting Students

This issue of Data Notes looks at three-year enrollment and attainment outcomes of students who persist through their first year. Additionally, first-year persisters (FYPs) were grouped based on the interaction of several student characteristics; analysis was conducted to determine if differences in outcomes existed between students when they were grouped based on this interaction of characteristics. The data show that FYPs who started college full-time had higher second-year persistence rates than those who started part-time, as did students who were referred to developmental education or were enrolled in terminal majors. To determine the cumulative effect of various student characteristics on student outcomes, data reflecting FYPs were first disaggregated by enrollment status, followed by developmental education referral, major field, and then Pell grant receipt. These data tell a complicated story. Each group of students, as defined by the receipt of Pell grants, starting college either full- or part-time, whether they were referred to developmental education, and their initial major fields, shows a different progression in their college work.

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