Community College/Career Collaboration (C4): Overview and Comparison of Partnership Models

C4: An Introduction
In 2009 with support from Lumina Foundation, Goodwill Industries International (GII) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) launched Community College Career Collaboration (C4), an initiative capitalizing on the alignment of the organizations’ missions to advance credentials and employment success for populations with low incomes that were underserved. Originally launched in Northern Virginia, Winston-Salem, NC, and San Antonio TX, C4 seeks to augment existing collaborations and expand the reach and success of community colleges and Goodwill throughout the country.


The Community College/Career Collaboration (C4) initiative seeks to increase college and career success for adults with low incomes through documenting, promoting and replicating Goodwill®–community college partnership models. Goodwill Industries International has identified several models of partnership between its membership and community colleges, which are summarized in this document and detailed in each C4 toolkit.

This document lays out the defining characteristics of each approach to facilitate cross-model comparison and discusses some of the primary factors and conditions that have resulted in each distinct design.


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