Community College/Career Collaboration (C4): Co-Enrollment/Revenue-Sharing Model “The NOVA Way”

C4: An Introduction
In 2009 with support from Lumina Foundation, Goodwill Industries International (GII) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) launched Community College Career Collaboration (C4), an initiative capitalizing on the alignment of the organizations’ missions to advance credentials and employment success for populations with low incomes that were underserved. Originally launched in Northern Virginia, Winston-Salem, NC, and San Antonio TX, C4 seeks to augment existing collaborations and expand the reach and success of community colleges and Goodwill throughout the country.


This toolkit includes a number of documents and worksheets intended to facilitate the adoption of a co-enrollment/revenue-sharing model by community colleges and Goodwills. Some of the content is descriptive, providing information about how Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) has operationalized this approach with a number of nonprofit partners. Other tools are blank worksheets meant to help the user think through the application of the model in his or her location.

In using these tools, it is important to recognize that any approach must be adapted to fit with the unique context in which it is developed. Factors influencing this need for individualization of the model will include (but are not limited to) institutional capacity, history and culture of the partners, leadership, available resources and assets, funding opportunities, accreditation requirements, labor market needs, etc.

This toolkit may be used in conjunction with similar tools modeled after Goodwill® partnerships in northwestern North Carolina and San Antonio, TX.

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