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C4: An Introduction
In 2009 with support from Lumina Foundation, Goodwill Industries International (GII) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) launched Community College Career Collaboration (C4), an initiative capitalizing on the alignment of the organizations’ missions to advance credentials and employment success for populations with low incomes that were underserved. Originally launched in Northern Virginia, Winston-Salem, NC, and San Antonio TX, C4 seeks to augment existing collaborations and expand the reach and success of community colleges and Goodwill throughout the country.


The Career Pathways Navigation (CPN) model is student centered. It provides a continuum of education, guidance and assistance leading to college access and ongoing support to a customer base that typically has not pursued college or industry credentials as a means to advancing their careers. Through CPN, Seattle Goodwill Industries (SGI) also serves clients referred from other community-based organizations as part of a broader navigation model.

There are two segments to the CPN model. The first is a six-week college readiness course called Community College 101, (CC101), which encompasses career exploration, goal setting, college vocabulary and navigation, financial aid, preparation for placement tests, course of study selection, and other campus and classroom survival and success skills. The second segment includes ongoing individualized navigation support services that begin with college enrollment and continue through students’ completion of their fourth quarter or skills training certificate. The CPN model is designed to help students enroll and succeed in a wide variety of credit-bearing professional/technical college programs. Shorter programs often serve as a
stepping stone to longer-term training and college completion.

The heart of the Career Pathways Navigation Model is the college navigator who teaches CC101 and provides the wraparound and college readiness services noted above. In partnership with designated college liaisons and advocates, the navigator develops an individualized financial package for tuition and ancillary costs for each student, pairing Goodwill and college aid. College navigators know the wide range of college programs available and which colleges offer them. Navigators make referrals both internally and externally to ensure students have the necessary resources to be successful. Referrals for school-related supports can include tutoring, disability services and computer access. Non-school related referrals can include housing, legal services, food, clothing and health-related services.

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