Community College/Career Collaboration (C4): Blended Learning Model Witchitaw, KS

C4: An Introduction

In 2009 with support from Lumina Foundation, Goodwill Industries International (GII) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) launched Community College Career Collaboration (C4), an initiative capitalizing on the alignment of the organizations’ missions to advance credentials and employment success for populations with low incomes that were underserved. Originally launched in Northern Virginia, Winston-Salem, NC, and San Antonio TX, C4 seeks to augment existing collaborations and expand the reach and success of community colleges and Goodwill throughout the country.


To reduce duplicative efforts and expand their service offerings, Goodwill Industries of Kansas (Wichita) and Wichita Area Technical College (WATC) joined forces to offer general educational development (GED) classes and certification. Previously, WATC had a very structured classroom program with day and evening classes, whereas the Goodwill had a more flexible program where students received assignments from counselors and studied independently. Through the collaboration, the pair developed a single entrance point, directing students to the program that best suited them, and added a third option – distance learning.

In July 2012, as the WATC program director retired and the Goodwill purchased a building less than a mile from the college, the partnership became a full joint venture. One director now serves both programs as the head of adult basic education. When the new facility opens, she will oversee both programs under one roof, promoting efficiency and open communication.

Additionally, WATC became a subgrantee for an Accelerating Opportunities grant, which aims to move GED students into post-secondary credentialing. Now, when students enter the WATC/Goodwill GED program, they are led on a pathway to careers with stackable curriculum and credentialing. Some students can even take college courses while working on their GED. This enables them to take credentialing exams shortly after earning their GED, getting them into careers more quickly. The pair has teamed up with the local workforce alliance to connect students with funding for transitional technical programs. 

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