Engaging Faculty and Staff in the Student Success Agenda: Case Studies from the Walmart Foundation PRESS for Completion Grant Program

Community colleges are the pathways for millions of Americans to gain valuable education and to access career opportunities leading to family-sustaining wages. Faculty, student services staff, and administrators must share in the responsibility for student success if we are to meet national completion goals and reach even more students.

This publication is intended to be used as a tool to help Achieving the Dream colleges understand and implement effective faculty and staff engagement strategies that promote student success. In addition to providing an inside look at the faculty and staff engagement work through the grant program, we synthesize primary lessons learned.

Because real stories are always helpful for colleges as they plan or refine their own faculty engagement efforts, this publication offers case studies on faculty and staff engagement in action at four of the PRESS for Completion colleges. We hope this guide proves timely and helpful as your college begins its journey to broaden
and deepen faculty and staff engagement. 

There is also a companion piece for further reading that includes five additional case studies and a one-page overview of the key lessons learned through the PRESS for Completion initiative.  

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