Building Stronger Pathways to Retail Careers Initiative Request for Proposals

Achieving the Dream invites proposals from active Achieving the Dream Institutions for the Building Stronger Pathways to Retail Careers Initiative, an Achieving the Dream managed grant opportunity funded by the Walmart Foundation. Four selected colleges will each receive $112,000 to strengthen a short-term (six months or less) retail credential that leads to middle-skill retail careers and is nested in and aligned within a broader, cohesive retail pathway. Recipient colleges will receive technical assistance to build capacity in tracking, analyzing, and using data to evaluate and improve their middle-skill retail career pathway programs. Colleges will then apply their pathway improvements and new knowledge to additional credentials contained within the broader retail pathway. Find out more and apply by clicking on the two documents below.  

The 19-month initiative will provide community college students and incumbent retail workers with easily accessible, accelerated, and efficient retail pathways to master required competencies for middle-skill retail careers that pay family-sustaining wages. This initiative will assist community colleges in the Achieving the Dream Network by strengthening pathways to middle-skill retail careers.

The proposal deadline is May 5, 2015 at 11:59 Pacific Time. For more information, please review the RFP and budget template below. If you have questions, please contact Cindy Lenhart, Vice President for Community College Relations and her team at

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