Data Collection and Reporting Transition Guide

Achieving the Dream is partnering with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for student-level data collection and reporting. To minimize data submission burdens on colleges, this partnership utilizes NSC’s existing data infrastructure and the student enrollment data colleges have already submitted to NSC. In each spring, ATD receives data extracts from NSC and compiles student success reports for each institution, presenting student outcome data on multiple cohorts tracked longitudinally. The student success reports are hosted on ATD Connect!

In the ATD-NSC student success reports, the following student outcomes are reported:

  • Persistence fall to spring
  • Persistence fall to fall
  • Three-year completion and transfer
  • Four-year completion and transfer
  • Six-year completion and transfer
  • Eight-year completion and transfer

To provide disaggregated student outcomes to network colleges, ATD needs the cooperation of all Network colleges in submitting the following five data fields, currently required as optional by NSC:

  • Student gender;
  • Student race/ethnicity;
  • Enrollment in remedial courses (yes/no);
  • Pell Grant recipient status (yes/no);
  • Student’s degree-seeking status (yes/no).

If your college is interested in student success by student’s veteran status and/or citizenship status, please also submit data on:

  • Student’s veteran status;
  • Student’s citizenship status.

ATD tracks multiple student cohorts longitudinally. A full academic year is defined as September 1st to August 31st. ATD urges colleges to submit student data within eight weeks after the academic year ends (i.e., by the end of October). Exact dates will be communicated to colleges in summer or early fall.

The resources shared here provide guidance for Achieving the Dream Institutions on data submission to the National Student Clearinghouse or information to participate with NSC if your college is not a member.

Data Insight Webinar Series: ATD Data Collection and Reporting Process


January 1, 2017 Ellucian has solved data extracting issue of optional data fields for Banner clients. Institutions using banner should have no problem extracting data requested for ATD-NSC student success reports.

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