Investing in Success: Sustainably Implementing High-Impact Educational Practices at Community Colleges

A growing number of community colleges are exploring how to improve student success by implementing high-impact educational practices. The success of these practices at many community colleges, however, can be impeded by administrative hurdles related to coordinating communications, tracking, and essential follow-up with an already overwhelmed staff. 

How can community colleges overcome these real challenges and improve student success? This webinar will highlight how Ivy Tech Community College, in collaboration with Blackboard Education Services, successfully implemented high-impact practices during its enrollment process to ensure prospective students are on track for success. This webinar will highlight Ivy Tech’s challenges, explore their process for reliably executing high-impact practices, and examine the first-year results of the program. 

Student Success Initiative Results: 
-Reduced wait times from 19 minutes to 33 seconds 
-26% deflection in call volume due to the Interactive Voice Response phone automation and Web self-service technologies 
-Increased application yield by 3.6% in 2014, an impact of almost 4,000 incremental enrollments. 

-Jeff Fanter, Senior Vice President for Student Experience, Communications and Marketing, Ivy Tech Community College 
-Brian Dycus, Director, Blackboard Education Services 

Disclaimer: These resources have been provided by Achieving the Dream’s Technology Solution Provider investors and partners and are made available by Achieving the Dream for the benefit of our Network and the post-secondary education field. They are not endorsed by Achieving the Dream nor do they represent the only solutions to the various challenges they address.

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