When Legislation Changes the Game: The New Playbook for Responding to Remedial Need

In many states, new legislation is changing the game in terms of how the remedial needs of incoming students can be addressed making it more important than ever for institutions to have a strong strategy for identifying and understanding student need.  

In this webinar, you will learn how Achieving the Dream Leader College, St. Petersburg College, became a more data-informed culture to devise a whole new playbook for identifying remedial needs, advising students on their options, and integrating campus-based support, online services, and Pearson’s Smarthinking tutoring to promote student success. 

As a result of the institution’s efforts, students have increased utilizing out-of-the-classroom to support at Learning Centers by 47% and through Smarthinking by 16%. St. Petersburg College students who seek out-of-class supports at least ten times in a semester have an 80% chance of completing the course with a "C" or better. 


  • Dr. Jesse Coraggio, Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Services, St. Petersburg College 
  • Joseph Leopold, Director of Learning Resources, St. Petersburg College 
  • Dr. Christa Ehmann Powers, Vice President & Chief Education Officer, Smarthinking, Pearson


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Disclaimer: These resources have been provided by Achieving the Dream’s Technology Solution Provider investors and partners and are made available by Achieving the Dream for the benefit of our Network and the post-secondary education field. They are not endorsed by Achieving the Dream nor do they represent the only solutions to the various challenges they address.

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