The Missing Link: Jackson College & Qualtrics

"The Missing Link" is a game-changer. It's not an initiative or a program. Rather, is a toolkit that allows practitioners to understand and engage African American male students on a personal level, far greater than we’ve ever understood them before. Utilizing Qualtrics, institutions can systematically gather this information. Whether you are just starting a program or have a program or set of programs already in place, whether you are successfully serving just a few or a large number of African American male students, “The Missing Link” is a game-changer for every institution.

As mentioned on the webinar, if you are considering using the Student Success Assessment, the Institutional Success Assessment is an important step in understanding your institution’s unique capacity, allowing us to collaboratively design a tailored solutions strategy. Qualtrics will enable you to efficiently collect, share, and act upon the information you collect from the Student Success Assessment in ways that can have an unprecedented effect on how you serve and retain this student population.

Institutional Success Assessment:


  • Lee Hampton, Director of Multicultural Affairs, Jackson College
  • Dennis Sorensen, Solution Architect, Qualtrics
  • Samantha Murray, Academic Subject Matter Expert, Qualtrics

Disclaimer: These resources have been provided by Achieving the Dream’s Technology Solution Provider investors and partners and are made available by Achieving the Dream for the benefit of our Network and the post-secondary education field. They are not endorsed by Achieving the Dream nor do they represent the only solutions to the various challenges they address.

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