Access to Community College for Undocumented Immigrants: A Guide for State Policy Makers

Faced with a growing number of undocumented immigrant students graduating from their high school, many states—including the first five Achieving the Dream states—are assessing and revising their policies related to access and affordability of higher education for undocumented students. Some states have passed laws to clarify policies on enrollment, tuition, and financial aid in order to expand opportunity for these students. Others have taken steps in the opposite direction, reducing access and opportunity in response to political opposition against granting public benefits to undocumented immigrants. In some states, community colleges have pre-empted state action and taken proactive steps to increase access. Others are waiting for clear federal and state guidance. This brief explores being taken by states and institutions, and provides guidelines for policymakers contemplating the politics and policy options around serving undocumented students.

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