Progress, Campus Profiles, and Preliminary Lessons from the Working Students Success Network

Two years into the WSSN initiative, reports from the colleges involved and evaluations from our partners reveal that for campuses that have implemented the approach with the greatest fidelity, WSSN is a catalyst for culture change, an integrated hub of service delivery, and a data-driven approach leading to better monitoring and increased success for low- income students.

While the WSSN initiative has led to essential services being provided to tens of thousands of low-income students, more important is its role as a catalyst for long-term institutional change and capacity building. Specifically, the WSSN initiative has led to three major changes:

  1. Changing institutional culture
  2. Effectively bundling both low- and high-touch services
  3. Improved data collection and analysis systems

Read more, including case studies from successful WSSN colleges, in the brief below.

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