NRC: Teaching Resiliency Presentation

This is the powerpoint presentation from the Teaching Resiliency pre-conference at DREAM 2017 in San Francisco, CA.  At this session, practitioners from colleges that are part of the Northeast Resiliency Consortium, Achieving the Dream staff, and a learning assessment and credentialing expert provided opportunities to learn about and then apply ways to develop students’ resilience. This half-day session introduced the resiliency competency model and tools to support its use in and outside of the classroom. Each pre-conference attendee will received a copy of the Resiliency Competency model and Teaching Resilience Toolkit.

In this session, participants learned to

  1. Develop and assess resiliency enhanced courses;
  2. Incorporate classroom activities that develop students’ resilience, including project based learning; and,
  3. Develop plans for engaging faculty and other stakeholders

Authors: Meredith Archer Hatch and Nan Travers


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