Implementing Guided Pathways: Early Insights From the AACC Pathways Colleges

The research presented in this report focused on how the AACC Pathways colleges were designing, planning, and beginning to implement guided pathways reforms during their first year of work on the project, which started in late 2015. AACC chose these colleges to participate in the project because they had laid the groundwork for guided pathways reforms by building organizational cultures open to change. Only a handful had begun implementing guided pathways before joining the project. The expectation is that participating colleges will redesign their programs and support services for all incoming students by fall 2018 according to the guided pathways model adopted by AACC based on CCRC’s research. To help accomplish this, the colleges are sending planning teams to a series of six institutes run by AACC and other national organizations, each on a different aspect of the guided pathways approach. Participating colleges are also receiving coaching from college practitioners who have experience with guided pathways reforms in their own institutions.

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