Launching OER Degree Pathways: An Early Snapshot of Achieving the Dream’s OER Degree Initiative and Emerging Lessons

This report shares findings from initial surveys and interviews, and describes emerging implications for the initiative going forward. It is intended to provide formative feedback for the OER degree grantees and to share early lessons learned with the broader community.

The report begins with an overview of data collections conducted thus far. Findings and formative feedback follow, including: 

  • A snapshot of the early reach of the OER Degree Initiative, including a summary of participating colleges and degree plans;
  • A description of the ways in which OER programs at participating colleges have evolved leading up to the OER Degree Initiative and how they are positioned to move forward;
  • Characteristics of the first wave of instructors participating in initiative and how they got involved;
  • Data on “what it takes” to launch an OER degree pathway, looking at various steps required to facilitate course development and to put necessary supports and policies in place; and,
  • Sustainability data and observations about longer term challenges and ways in which grantees are addressing them.

Finally, we conclude with a look ahead at upcoming research activities and the long-term goals of the OER Degree Initiative research and evaluation.

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