Building Resilience: A How-to Guidebook on Integrating Resiliency Competencies Into Curriculum

Helping Community College Students Develop Resiliency in Academics and in Life

In this comprehensive practitioner guidebook, the Northeast Resiliency Consortium colleges have shared their work and have collaborated to develop a competency model, along with a rich and robust set of principles, strategies, resources, and guidelines for helping students develop strong resiliency.

The Resiliency Competency Model outlines the knowledge, skills, and resources students can learn to use to adapt to change. Competencies inside the model include self-awareness, adaptability, critical thinking, reflective learning, and collaboration, which help people in different ways to rise above the challenges they face. For veterans and workers affected by changes in global trade and other demands, the NRC’s focus on resiliency in the classroom and through student support services along with work with regional employers made a difference in their ability to obtain skills, competencies, and credentials that enabled seamless transitions into high-demand occupations.

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