Persistence: The Success of Students Who Transfer from Community Colleges to Selective Four-Year Institutions

"Cooke Foundation would like to see more community college transfer students accepted to elite four-year institutions. We believe it should be an appealing prospect for institutions given the high level of persistence and completion among community college transfers observed in this report. Community college transfers are not only successful, but also have the potential to diversify selective institutions’ student bodies along the lines of socioeconomic status, first-generation status, or age. Indeed, high-achieving community college transfer students can be found all over the country — 84 percent of community colleges in the United States transferred at least one student to a selective four-year institution."

"Persistence builds the case for why the nation’s highly selective colleges and universities should consider community college transfer students as a valuable transfer pool. This research is designed to showcase the potential of high-achieving students with financial need. We hope that individual institutions will assess implications of these findings for their own admissions policies and practices. We hope this report will serve as a resource for institutional leaders, and a jumping-off point for a much-needed dialogue on increasing opportunity for the many high-achieving community college transfer students around the country."


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