Education Cloud Helps Dallas County Community College District Better Serve Its Students & Community *

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Hear how the seven colleges comprising the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) built more inclusive pathways, especially for its high percentage of students who come from underserved populations.

DCCCD used Education Cloud as the platform for an infrastructure to connect its massive ecosystem of partners. Now, DCCCD can tell high school partners how many of their students have signed up for the Promise program, how many are at each stage of the process, and what questions they’re frequently asking. 

Once students sign up, they are enrolled in a communication journey. Using the power of Marketing Cloud, DCCCD can design and visualize the ideal communication journey for each student and run it automatically, guiding them through processes like applying for financial aid and completing the college application.

DCCCD is also working to remove barriers in the transition from two-year colleges to four-year institutions and eventually to the workforce. With its “Greenlight Platform,” DCCCD is using Blockchain technology to create a record for each student that any of its colleges can write to. Institutions and employers could instantly verify a student’s credentials and list their programs and opening.

Watch the full case story here.

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