A Tale of Two Colleges: Communicating Strategy and Increasing Alignment with Balanced Scorecard Metrics

Two colleges began at different points – one with an existing strategic plan and the other needing to develop a plan. Both relied on metrics to inform top leadership and faculty and staff. One received a mandate from its board, the other with a mandate and direction from top administration. Both colleges used a Balanced Scorecard, for different reasons. One believed it was integral to conveying ends metrics and accountability for results in the strategic plan. The other needed a way to convey information on a holistic basis; i.e., breaking down information silos. For both, the ATD student success metrics were front and center. Workshop participants will learn about: (1) a framework for translating ends policies into a strategic plan with metrics, including engaging faculty and staff in their development; (2) how the ATD focus on student success significantly impacted the overall institutional ends metrics and the strategic plans; (3) how balanced scorecards and a metrics-informed strategy execution process can help break down institutional silos; and (4) how the colleges understood and dealt with organizational and technical challenges. Handouts will include planning process overviews, strategy maps, and scorecards.

  • Don Plotts, President, North Central State College, OH
  • Tom Prendergast, Director of Institutional Research, North Central State College, OH
  • David Buchdahl, Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Community College of Vermont, VT
  • Deborah Stewart, Dean of Students, Community College of Vermont, VT
  • Joyce Judy, President, Community College of Vermont, VT
  • Bruce McComb, Organizational Effectiveness Consultants, OH and Achieving the Dream Data Coach
  • Jan Lyddon, Achieving the Dream Data Coach, OH

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