Facilitating Postsecondary Data Partnership Data Submissions at Nebraska Indian Community College: Technical Brief

This technical brief was developed in partnership with Achieving the Dream and Nebraska Indian Community College.

In 2019, Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC) joined the National Student ClearinghousePostsecondary Data Partnership (PDP).

This technical brief will discuss an approach to prepare Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) data collections that consist of the development of both term cohort files and course files.

The process utilized course and cohort file templates provided by National Student Clearinghouse, query extractions developed by the Empower representative, data cleaning by the institution’s registrar, and further processing by the Achieving the Dream (ATD) data coach, utilizing SAS software which is useful for processing and merging files. The data preparation approach was employed by NICC during the initial PDP data collection in the fall of 2019 and yielded successful participation in the PDP. This brief can be used as an approach for data preparation for the PDP data collection process.


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