Creating a Roadmap for Scaling Up Acceleration in Developmental Education

When research suggested the length of time spent in developmental education courses can impede college persistence, Zane State College, with the support of a Developmental Education Initiative grant, designed two types of courses to accelerate developmental students’ progress to college-level: compressed math courses and developmental courses linked to college-level general education courses. Despite very successful student outcomes, the college faced challenges attracting student enrollment and scaling up the initiative to serve a larger target population. The presenters will share strategies and data obtained at two strategic decision points. Panelists will then ask small groups to devise alternative strategies for scaling up enrollment and increasing student engagement, and then share Zane State’s actual changes in advising, marketing, and classroom practices. The workshop will be a collaborative exercise in data-informed decisionmaking. Participants will obtain valuable insight into how to adjust to student needs and overcome barriers in developmental education course redesign.

  • Becky Ament, Associate Dean for Developmental Education, Zane State College, OH
  • Beth Fischer, Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Zane State College, OH

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