A Recipe for Student Success: Examining the Essential Ingredients of

Student success courses are frequently cited as effective vehicles for enhancing the retention of college students from semester-to-semester and from year-to-year. Many Achieving the Dream Institutions have chosen to implement such courses as key interventions on their campuses. These courses can be structured in many different ways, but one may wonder: How can different student success course models from various colleges be successful? What characteristics should every student success course have in order to ensure it is effective? Brazosport College and College of the Mainland implemented two contrasting, yet successful, student success course models for increasing indices of student success. Come learn about the struggles and successes of these two Texas Leader Colleges and how they utilized the ATD process of institutional improvement to develop learning atmospheres that are strategically designed to lead to positive changes in the college classroom and beyond. Be prepared to share experiences with the development and implementation of your own student success course.

  • Lynda Villanueva, Associate Dean of Instruction, Brazosport College, TX and Achieving the Dream Data Coach
  • Pam Millsap, Department Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences, College of the Mainland, TX

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