2022 Leah Meyer Austin Award – Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College, winner of ATD’s 2022 Leah Meyer Austin Award, points to its name as a sign of its commitment to the region it serves. As one of only two Florida two-year colleges that has kept the word “community” in its name, TCC has focused on redesigning the student experience around drivers of student success and working closely with its academic and workforce partners.

An ATD Network institution since 2004, TCC has maintained ATD Leader College status since 2009 and was just awarded Leader College of Distinction Status in 2022. The college has long leveraged the Network’s resources for continuous improvement. It created guided pathways and developed a teaching and learning framework with the help of ATD coaches and professional learning communities.

The college’s longstanding focus on closing equity gaps has resulted in remarkable improvements throughout the institution:

  • The proportion of Hispanic students who transferred and earned a four-year degree within six years increased 6 percentage points from 32 percent (2012 cohort) to 38 percent (2014 cohort)
  • Over four years, four-year completion rates for Hispanic students increased by 15 percentage points and were equal to those of white students for the fall 2016 cohort.
  • In gateway math courses, completion rates increased 9 percentage points, from 25 to 34 percent, for students who received Pell Grants between 2017 and 2020.

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