More to Most: Scaling Up Effective Community College Practices

Community colleges play a vital role in advancing educational and economic opportunity for many Americans, especially low-income students and students of color. Without these institutions, our higher education system would be inaccessible to a large portion of our citizenry. Today, America is counting on community colleges to help students, regardless of background and level of preparation, obtain a credential or degree and put them on the path to economic security; community colleges are spending more time in the spotlight — and facing increased scrutiny — given the current status of the economy, of national college completion rates, and an increasing mismatch between available jobs and the skills of those available to work. Colleges across the country are responding in innovative ways, but sustaining the services, instruction, and training to meet these challenges will require colleges to move beyond small programs, no matter how successful. We’re not just asking community colleges to soothe some of our toughest educational and economic woes, we’re asking them to do it “at scale.”

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