Cutting Edge Series #2: Scaling Community College Interventions

This publication is the second in a three-part series of practical guides to address specific, common challenges community colleges face. The origin of this series is the recent interim report by MDRC and the Community College Research Center called “Turning the Tide: Five Years of Achieving the Dream in Community Colleges.” The interim report identified areas of great progress as well as aspects of Achieving the Dream’s work that need deeper focus. The report concluded with recommendations for next steps, specifically paying more attention to scaling promising initiatives to reach more students. Achieving the Dream designed this series with our founding partner, Public Agenda, to address those challenges and ensure that every Achieving the Dream institution has the tools necessary to move the needle on student success and completion. This particular guide provides an overview of the most common barriers to scaling, principles to help position community colleges for successful scaling, and a checklist of critical questions to guide each step of the way. Overall, this new guide should help community college leaders better anticipate and address the roadblocks to successful scaling.

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