Chasing the Data: Using ATD Cohort Indicators to Gauge Student Success and Learning

DREAM, Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Oceanside, 4th Floor

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas has developed stronger, more precise tools for assessing student success work. Using both qualitative and quantitative data, the college has become better in detecting existing and emerging problems. By adopting and expanding the scope of the five ATD indicators beyond developmental education, our ATD priority, the College has improved course completion, course success, year-to-year persistence, and graduation rates. Participants of the session will engage in examining data outcomes and discuss how these outcomes shape faculty discussion and debate. They will experience the process of moving from discussion and debate to informed decision making, planning, and anticipation of new data outcomes. The three interventions/strategies implemented will be discussed (supplemental instruction, early alert, and two student success courses). Participants will take away ideas, handouts, and other useful aids in the data discussion, decision making, and planning process.

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