A Faster Connection: Using Technology to Enhance Engagement Between Faculty and Students

DREAM, Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Catalina 7, Lower Lobby

While technology has shown tremendous promise for improving colleges’ ability to keep students on-track and headed for success, these tools are only as effective as their users. In a recent survey, three-quarters of professors were optimistic about using technology to gather course-level data on student performance, but also reported increases in work hours and stress with the IT department often taking the blame for inventing complicated and time-consuming solutions for the classroom. Bucking this trend, Lake Michigan College and Muskegon Community College recently implemented technology tools which have been widely and enthusiastically adopted by instructors. Learn how these two colleges identified, developed, and implemented two different academic Early Warning systems, one through an in-house process and the other as a participant in the national pilot of Course Signals, and hear from faculty who are using these “bunny rabbit simple” systems to engage with their students.


  • Mike Alstrom, Chief Information Officer, Muskegon Community College
  • Randall Melton, Executive Director of Information Technology, Lake Michigan College
  • Sarah Dempsey, Vice President of Instruction, Lake Michigan College
  • Debra Howell, Life Science Instructor, Muskegon Community College

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