A SMAR3Ter Path through Developmental Math

DREAM, Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Northampton Community College is in the third year of its FIPSE funded SMAR3T Path Math project, a customized, self-paced, online, math skill refresher. The intent of the math refresher is to assist returning adult students in recouping pre-algebra, elementary algebra, and intermediate algebra skills. These returning students hope to improve their math skills as a means to save time and money by placing out of at least one level of developmental math. This workshop will take participants on a journey that follows the development of the program, discussion of the support mechanisms that promote student success, and a data analysis of the cohort of adult learners who complete the refresher. Attendees will be asked to analyze the reasons for student success and failure, and comment on the types of support they have implemented. They will also view a video with student testimonials and work in groups to determine which mechanisms best support student success.


  • Mary Lou Hull, Project Director, FIPSE Smar3t Path Math Project, Northampton Community College
  • Miles Harris, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Northampton Community College

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