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Nearly four million student parents attend college every year — most are women. Without adequate support like public benefits, financial aid, or childcare, many mothers never graduate from college. Barriers to retention and completion prevent millions of students from reaching their potential each year.

In February 2019, Achieving the Dream and the Biden Foundation joined forces to launch Community College Women Succeed, an initiative to identify and promote effective strategies that help adult women students succeed in community college. After the Biden Foundation suspended its operations in April 2019, Achieving the Dream continued its work on the initiative.  This work includes engaging with leaders throughout the country to learn about gaps and promising practices, hosting regional focus groups with adult women students and elevating the student voice nationally, reviewing existing research and identifying retention trends, and partnering with a cross-section of stakeholders to create resources.

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Achieving the Dream is Highlighting Powerful Stories of Women’s SUccess in Community College.

Affordability was Antionette’s main priority when it came to attending Northampton Community College. Her pursuit of higher education has increased her economic mobility.


As a mother, Robin relies on the support of other mothers in her program as well as the resources at Northampton Community College offers for parents. She is motivated by the pride her children feel in her ongoing education.



Nicole’s work-study opportunities give her a hands-on learning experience. The flexible and welcoming nature of the Northampton Community College help her succeed.



The networking opportunities Jackie has experienced while attending Northampton Community College offers her hands-on experience that compliments her study. She says the counseling on campus provides students with the support they need through any circumstance.



Pursuing her dream of completing college has been the biggest motivation for Natasha while attending Northampton Community College. Her desire to be her own hero gives her the confidence to battle challenges as they arise.



Pursuing higher education gave Marissa a means to independence. Her desire for a career that she feels passionate about gave her the motivation to transfer to Northampton Community College.



Hear from Adriana, a single parent who found the support she needed to continue her education and care for her child. #CCWomenSucceed




Cinthia, a single parent, shares how her community college education has helped her gain confidence both as a student and as a mother. #CCWomenSucceed



Hear from DeNicia, who returned to college as a mature student. She is graduating alongside her daughter in May 2019. #CCWomenSucceed


A 2018 DREAM Scholar, Jenae Parker embodies the resilience and resourcefulness of a community college student. She’s looking ahead to help other #CCWomenSucceed.



Layla juggles many roles—wife, mother, working student—and community college has helped her maintain balance while she pursues an education. #CCWomenSucceed



Monique knows firsthand how education can benefit entire communities. “When you’re educated, you get to give to other people.” #CCWomenSucceed



Triana, a mother of two, encourages other single moms to take advantage of the community college resources that have helped her succeed. #CCWomenSucceed



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