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Bring together 12 partner organizations to provide a comprehensive, coordinated approach to helping colleges and universities use new technology to innovate teaching and learning.

Focus on improving student outcomes of first-generation college students, low-income students, and students of color


What is adaptive courseware?

  • A digital teaching tool with instruction and assessments scoped and sequenced to support an entire course
  • Provides personalized and nonlinear instruction by analyzing students’ responses and pointing them to activities based on their needs
  • Provides instructors with data about each student’s progress and learning so they can modify instruction in response

Benefits for students:

  • Allows students to move through the course material flexibly based on their demonstrated knowledge and skills
  • Can change the content or degree of difficulty to keep students engaged
  • Provides immediate feedback so students can self-assess and continue to progress
  • Allows for more interactive learning experiences than a textbook

Benefits for instructors:

  • Automated assessments and analytics give instructors real-time data on students’ progress and areas of need
  • Instructors can see how students are interacting with the course material (time spent on activities, study habits)
  • Frees up instructors to spend more class time on interactive activities that build on student engagement with content outside of class

Benefits for institutions:

  • Potential to improve student success rates in foundational courses
  • Provides richer student data than is possible with textbooks
  • Potential to reduce the cost of course materials
  • Can help institutions meet their larger goals (e.g., improved affordability, access, retention, equity)


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