Gallup Partnership for Measuring Community College Outcomes

Project Description

To better assess community college graduates’ long-term success, Achieving the Dream (ATD) has partnered with Gallup and American Institutes for Research (AIR) for an exciting new initiative to measure community college outcomes. ATD, in collaboration with Gallup and AIR, has conducted a national study of associate degree graduates from a sample of ATD Network colleges. The results from the study will reveal vital information about community college success in four critical areas: (1) economic ROI (employment rates and first-year median salary), (2) job satisfaction (quality of workplace engagement), (3) quality of life (overall well-being), and (4) great experience (emotional attachment to his/her college). These four areas provide a comprehensive view of long-term outcomes among college graduates. The survey will also measure household income, professions and other attributes, including student loan debt amassed during community college enrollment.  

Project Goal

The Gallup partnership will enable ATD to see a clearer picture of students' educational experiences at community colleges in states having both a robust policy environment for the implementation and scale of evidence-based practices, as well as readily available employment data. Gallup’s reporting of results for alumni of ATD institutions will also include comparative benchmarking with a recently conducted Gallup study of associate degree graduates. While this survey was not identical to the one conducted with ATD institutions, it maintains a common core group of questions for accurate comparisons in the areas of well-being, employee engagement, and collegiate experiences.

Project Update

Based on Strada Education Network’s strategic interests, ATD Network reach, and data accessibility, 14 institutions in the states of Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia are represented in this initiative. Notifications were sent to alumni in the graduating classes of 2000 through 2016; over 10,000 individuals responded.

The alumni survey window closed at the end of May 2017. ATD and Gallup are currently working together to determine specific timelines for delivery of results.


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