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Explore Achieving the Dream’s Resource Library, a searchable database containing guides, case studies, and reports from Achieving the Dream, Inc., its partner organizations, researchers, and other experts engaged in the work of community colleges and student success. Some resources are produced by ATD investors and are noted with an asterisk (*). These investor-produced materials are not endorsed by Achieving the Dream nor do they represent the only solutions to the various challenges they address. As a body of information, these resources are intended to support Achieving the Dream Institutions throughout the process of institutional reform and assist in creating a culture of continuous improvement.

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Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Adaptive Learning in Gateway Science Courses 10/18/2021
Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Adaptive Learning in Business and Social Science Courses 10/6/2021
Supporting Transfer Student Success: Five Key Faculty Practices (NISTS) 9/30/2021
Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Broward College 9/27/2021
Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Indian River State College 9/27/2021
Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Miami Dade College 9/27/2021
Community-Driven Strategic Planning: How Northern Kentucky University Leveraged Student-Centered Design to Build an Inclusive Strategic Planning Process 8/16/2021
Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Adaptive Learning Technology in Mathematics 6/23/2021
Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Cuyahoga Community College 6/17/2021
Every Learner Everywhere Case Study: Lorain County Community College 6/17/2021
Caring for Students Playbook 6/8/2021
Preparing for Shortened Academic Terms: guide, workbook, and spotlights Achieving the Dream 5/20/2021
Knowing Our Students: Understanding & Designing for Success Achieving the Dream 5/10/2021
Community College Women Succeed: Research Agenda Achieving the Dream 5/5/2021
2021 Leah Meyer Austin Award - Northeast Wisconsin Technical College 2/16/2021
Adaptive Learning Webinar Series 11/19/2020
Facilitating Postsecondary Data Partnership Data Submissions at Nebraska Indian Community College: Technical Brief 11/9/2020
Leveraging Partnerships: How Nebraska Indian Community College got on Board with the Postsecondary Data Partnership 11/9/2020
Adaptive Courseware Implementation Guide 10/29/2020
Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool: Alignment To Accreditation 10/15/2020
A More Unified Community College: Strategies and Resources to Align Non-Credit and Credit Programs 10/7/2020
Teaching & Learning Toolkit: A Research-Based Guide to Building a Culture of Teaching & Learning Excellence 9/15/2020
A Vision for Equity 7/27/2020
How Did Six Community Colleges Design Supports for Part-Time Faculty? Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University 7/27/2020
ATD Equity-Minded Decision-Making Guide Example 7/22/2020


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