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Explore Achieving the Dream’s Resource Library, a searchable database containing guides, case studies, and reports from Achieving the Dream, Inc., its partner organizations, researchers, and other experts engaged in the work of community colleges and student success. Some resources are produced by ATD investors and are noted with an asterisk (*). These investor-produced materials are not endorsed by Achieving the Dream nor do they represent the only solutions to the various challenges they address. As a body of information, these resources are intended to support Achieving the Dream Institutions throughout the process of institutional reform and assist in creating a culture of continuous improvement.

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Adoption and Adaptation: A Framework for Instructional Reform 4/1/2012
Tying Funding to Community College Outcomes - Models, Tools, and Recommendations for States Jobs for the Future 4/1/2012
How States Can Accelerate Community College Innovation by Supporting Faculty Leadership Jobs for the Future 6/8/2012
Data Notes: May/June 2012 6/28/2012
Center for Working Families at Community Colleges: Clearing the Financial Barriers to Student Success MDC 7/11/2012
Commencement Day: Six-Year Effects of a Freshman Learning Community Program at Kingsborough Community College 7/27/2012
Where to Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College Jobs for the Future 7/31/2012
Student Voices on the Higher Education Pathway Public Agenda 8/20/2012
Increasing Latina/o College Completion: Mistakes and Opportunities 8/20/2012
Achieving the Dream Measures and the Loss Momentum Framework 9/21/2012
Connection by Design: Students' Perceptions of Their Community College Experiences Public Agenda 10/2/2012
Autonomy and Innovation: Systemic Change in a Decentralized State Jobs for the Future 10/31/2012
Ahead of the Curve: State Success in the Development Education Initiative Jobs for the Future 12/9/2012
Cornerstones of Completion: State Policy Support for Accelerated, Structured Pathways to College Credentials and Transfer Jobs for the Future 12/14/2012
Working Families Success Strategy: College Implementation Guide MDC 1/1/2013
Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery Project Reports 2/1/2013
Delphi Project: Non-Tenure-Track Faculty on Our Campus: A Guide for Campus Task Forces to Better Understand Faculty Working Conditions and the Necessity of Change USC Rossier School of Education 2/3/2013
Using Unemployment Insurance Wage Data to Improve Program Employment Outcomes: A Technical Assistance Guide for Community and Technical Colleges National Science Foundation 2/3/2013
A Guide for College Access to and Use of Labor Market Data The Aspen Institute 2/3/2013
Get With the Program: Accelerating Community College Students' Entry into and Completion of Programs of Study 2/3/2013
College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings: Not all college degrees are created equal Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce 2/3/2013
Certificates: Gateway to Gainful Employment and College Degrees Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce 2/3/2013
Career and Technical Education: Five Ways That Pay Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce 2/3/2013
Chasing the Data: Using ATD Cohort Indicators to Gauge Student Success and Learning 2/6/2013
A Pathway to College Readiness and Completion: The Dual Credit Program at South Texas College 2/6/2013


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