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Explore Achieving the Dream’s Resource Library, a searchable database containing guides, case studies, and reports from Achieving the Dream, Inc., its partner organizations, researchers, and other experts engaged in the work of community colleges and student success. Some resources are produced by ATD investors and are noted with an asterisk (*). These investor-produced materials are not endorsed by Achieving the Dream nor do they represent the only solutions to the various challenges they address. As a body of information, these resources are intended to support Achieving the Dream Institutions throughout the process of institutional reform and assist in creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Focus Areas
Title Author Date
Building Sustainable and Strategic Partnerships with Business and Industry: A Step-by-Step Guide for Community Colleges 1/16/2018
Executive Orders 2017 11/22/2017
Implementing Guided Pathways: Early Insights From the AACC Pathways Colleges 4/20/2017
2017 Leah Meyer Austin Award - Pierce College District 2/19/2017
2017 Leah Meyer Austin Award - Miami Dade College 2/19/2017
Building Guided Pathways: Practical Lessons from Completion by Design Colleges Completion by Design 8/18/2016
2016 Leah Meyer Austin Award - William Rainey Harper College 2/23/2016
Leadership for Transformative Change: Lessons From Technology-Mediated Reform in Broad-Access Colleges 8/1/2015
Beyond Financial Aid: How colleges can strengthen the financial stability of low-income students and improve student outcomes Lumina Foundation 6/1/2015
Catalyst Fund Evaluation: Case-Informed Lessons for Scaling Innovation at Community and Technical Colleges 6/1/2015
STEP UP & LEAD FOR Equity: What Higher Education Can Do to Reverse Our Deepening Divides 4/15/2015
Addressing Equity Gaps in State Goals for Postsecondary Education Attainment Lumina Foundation 4/1/2015
2015 Leah Meyer Austin Award Brochure - The Community College of Baltimore County 2/17/2015
Engaging Faculty and Staff in the Student Success Agenda: A Companion for Additional Reading 2/17/2015
Engaging Faculty and Staff in the Student Success Agenda: Case Studies from the Walmart Foundation PRESS for Completion Grant Program 2/17/2015
Hiring Exceptional Community College Presidents: Tools for Hiring Leaders who Advance Student Access and Success The Aspen Institute 9/29/2014
The Logic of Creating Effective Systemic Change: How Five CBD Case Study Colleges Have Gone About Creating a Culture of Student Success 6/9/2014
Leadership Imperative Informational Brochure 3/24/2014
2014 Montgomery County - Leah Meyer Austin Award Brochure 2/24/2014
2014 Bunker Hill - Leah Meyer Austin Award Brochure 2/24/2014
White House: Commitments to Action on College Opportunity 1/16/2014
Financial Aid 101 for Trustees and Community College Leaders 12/11/2013
Crisis and Opportunity: Aligning the Community College Presidency with Student Success The Aspen Institute 6/21/2013
CRISIS AND OPPORTUNITY: Aligning the Community College Presidency with Student Success The Aspen Institute 6/20/2013
Ten Lessons for Taking Leadership on Racial Equity The Aspen Institute 5/13/2013

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