A comprehensive and systematic approach to move forward.

Supporting the student experience from connection through completion requires a holistic, student-centered design. In order to help you operationalize integrated, impactful, and sustainable student supports, our dynamic team works with your college to:

  • Understand current challenges and opportunities for improving student supports
  • Envision the ideal student experience
  • Develop a prioritized action plan to address core issues
  • Improve operational workflows and internal communication
  • Deepen your college’s understanding of equity and equity-based, student-centered design
  • Conduct student-focused research strategies
  • Create the structure and culture to support continuous improvement centered on the students you serve

“Overall, I think the ICAT has many great uses. For us, it has served as a great tool for assessing organizational mindsets as they relate to the capacities. Also, having our coaches facilitate the ICAT Café (an onsite workshop) helped with transparency and open discussion. For our institution, this was the best method, an external viewpoint often encourages more depth in the conversation." – Greenville Technical College

ICAT IS your catalyst for transformative change

Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool in Action
Changing campus culture and improving student outcomes is a challenging task that requires self-reflection, critical thinking and feedback, and coordinated action across the institution. ICAT is a tool that supports this work. Colleges that have completed the ICAT are leveraging the results to guide strategic planning, prepare for accreditation, launch pathways, implement high impact practices, facilitate discussions across the college, and drive action.

Capacity Café
ATD’s expert coaches help use your assessment to move towards a concrete plan. The Capacity Café is a facilitated three-hour workshop held on your campus to help you analyze and learn from your survey results and includes a summary report.

The Capacity Café turns awareness into action by helping you:

  • Get insight into your institutional strengths and areas to strengthen    
  • Identify gaps in communications and perception, shared concerns, and priority actions
  • Understand what “doing better” could look like
  • Gain broad engagement of stakeholders from all areas of your college or university
  • Make your college more data-informed and student-centered
  • Develop a common language to discuss institutional issues and focus the conversation
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To engage your administration, faculty, students, and staff in identifying your institution’s strengths and determining opportunities for growth, download how Achieving the Dream can help you implement strategies to improve student outcomes and contact us today at for a free consultation to get started.

To learn more about how the ICAT can help your college achieve powerful results watch this video from Portland Community College.



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