Ensure all students have a clear path to completion

In order to ensure that all students have a clear path to completion and your college has the necessary capacity to undertake large-scale reform efforts, Achieving the Dream is leveraging its expertise in coaching to advise colleges on building guided pathways for student success.

Achieving the Dream’s Pathways Coaching will help you to:

  • Create curricular pathways to employment and further education (CLARIFY);
  • Help students choose and enter their pathway (INTAKE);
  • Help students stay on their path (SUPPORT); and,
  • Ensure that learning is happening with intentional outcomes (LEARNING).

Additionally, our Pathways Coaching service includes:

  • ATD Annual Network Benefits
  • A fall site visit by a dedicated coaching pair
  • A spring site visit by a dedicated coaching pair
We are providing coaching expertise in subject-specific pathways including:
Math Pathways
Developmental Education Reform
Transfer Pathways
Career Pathways
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Meet our experienced coaches here.

To schedule Pathways Coaching for your institution, please contact Susan Mayer, Chief Learning Officer, at

Pathways Coaching is available to ATD Network colleges that have completed their 3-year capacity-building experience.


Not a Network college? Join us! We're building our next Cohort now and invite you to become part of our growing national network of colleges that are committed to improving student success for their students. Contact us at

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