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Gateway to College National Network Will Become Part of Achieving the Dream: Move Will Help More Underrepresented Students Succeed in College

On April 1, Gateway to College National Network became part of Achieving the Dream, a move which will help more underrepresented students succeed in college. We are excited about this addition to our ATD work as it will link high school/college student success networks to improve college readiness, expand personalized student supports, and broaden services to help colleges graduate more students from vulnerable populations—the core of the ATD mission.

Bringing Gateway to College into ATD will allow ATD to bridge secondary and postsecondary education and will help institutions and their communities establish a continuum of services that better position low-income youth and young adults to earn needed credentials and degrees to succeed in the workforce.

The merger will allow ATD to further expand its focus on equity and leverage tools, coaching, expertise, and relationships to strengthen our support for our network of colleges. ATD will now have the capability to help colleges expand K-12/community college partnerships, dual enrollment programs, and innovations in customized delivery of holistic services for nontraditional student populations.

ATD will be introducing Gateway to College and the type of work that it does as part of the work of more colleges in the ATD Network, helping them create a robust pipeline from K-12 through community college and into a four-year degree program that students successfully complete.

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