Leader College of Distinction

Continuous improvement is always the goal for the Achieving the Dream Network. To that end, we created a second level of designation for Leader Colleges. Several colleges in the ATD Network have successfully participated in the recertification process multiple times, and we believe that those colleges should continue to strive for higher goals. This year, we are pleased to introduce the Leader College of Distinction recognition to honor those colleges who have gone above and beyond in maintaining and even increasing their success in closing the gaps and student success.

Leader College of Distinction Certification
The metrics for Leader College of Distinction are challenging. Colleges that choose to apply for the Leader College of Distinction must show improvement on three student outcome metrics including at least one lagging indicator such as completion or transfer. In addition, they must show the narrowing of equity gaps on at least two metrics. These more rigorous requirements are meant to motivate sustained and aggressive reform efforts that result in far greater student success and equity. Colleges that meet these new, higher student outcomes criteria will be given the title of Leader College of Distinction. Only colleges that have been Leader Colleges for three or more years may apply for this status. The benefits of being a Leader College of Distinction are nearly identical to that of Leader College, however, Leader College of Distinction will be recognized and identified by a new LCD logo that will be unveiled at the end of this process. We believe these refinements in the criteria will strengthen our Network and accelerate adoption of effective practices across the Network and the community college field.

Leader Colleges are invited to apply for Recertification or Leader College of Distinction based on the following eligibility criteria:

  • Good standing with accrediting agency (not on warning or probation) and,
  • Actively participating in the ATD Network (participating at the Annual Network benefit level of $8,000).

If you believe that your college is eligible for Leader College of Distinction designation, please review the 2018 Leader College of Distinction application. Please note applications are due by November 30, 2018, 5:00 p.m. EST.

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